3 stars and a wish

Today has been one of those days where I really should listen to my own advice. One of those days that we all have, where everything has gone well: children have learned what they should have learned, they have behaved well, and even enjoyed themselves. Yet when I was asked how my day had been, I gave the answer “yeah, it was ok.” One brief conversation at work which wasn’t entirely positive cast a huge, gloomy cloud over my whole day.

Why do we do it? We beat ourselves up over the slightest thing. Five minutes out of the 9 hours I spent at school isn’t really a basis for judgement over my whole day. I should be taking a leaf out of my own book. My class and I sat down this afternoon to talk about relationships and friendships, and about how we perceive our day. “Don’t focus on the negatives”, I told them. “Don’t blow things out of proportion. Go home and talk about your day: by all means, talk about the problems you’ve had, but make sure you tell your parents about all the successes you’ve had today.”

Great advice. Maybe we should all listen to it. When we mark our children’s work, we use 3 stars and a wish – we make sure the positives outweigh the negatives. Well, that’s what I’m going to do at the end of the day – for every negative I identify, I’m going to find at least 3 positives. And perhaps then when I’m asked, I might give a more truthful view of how my day has been!



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