It’s been a month now since I embarked on my maiden blogging voyage. I’m often asked by my friends how I find the time and why I do it. Some days, it is a challenge to sit down and write at the end of the day. When I’ve been marking books, planning, putting the children to bed and tidying up from the minute I close the door to my class, sometimes I’d just like to collapse on the sofa and fall asleep. But I do find there are definite advantages and positives to writing which I’d like to share.

  • Sharing good practice

There are so many fantastic ideas floating around on the internet that it’s a really exciting time to be a teacher. Every day I find something new that I want to try out. Some I do try, some just stay floating around in my head, but it’s amazing to be able to pass those fantastic ideas on through a blog. It’s important to be able to share what we have found that works, and also to warn others of things we have tried that don’t.

  • Professional development

There are always a huge amount of questions in the teaching profession, and not always someone in school who can provide the answers. By writing a blog and sharing it on Facebook and Twitter, it is possible for our questions to reach the eyes of someone who can provide the answers. I am beginning to build up a network of contacts who can offer support and guidance in the field of assessment: there is no way I would have been in touch with these people without having written my blog. As I gain more knowledge through the advice of others, I can then pass it on and continue the cycle.

  • It’s therapeutic

My blog is a (hopfully) positive one (see yesterday’s post!), so I don’t use it as an opportunity to rant and rage, but I do find it helps me to clear my head. I always have lots of things floating around in there, but writing about them gives me the opportunity to clear some of those thoughts. Bedtime for me is often a time when those thoughts whir round and round the most, but by writing my blog last thing before turning in, it’s like having a brain clearout. I’m sure I’ve been sleeping a little more soundly since I started writing.

  • Reflection

However my posts begin each day, they generally end up including some form of reflection. They help me to identify my own personal strengths, and celebrate them, as well as identifying areas where I need to develop. With my positive intentions for this blog, I find I reflect on even negative situations differently, looking for the positives and seeing what I can take away from my reflections.

  • Personal pride

I love writing my blog, I really do. I enjoy reading comments that people leave, either directly on the blog or on social media. I love the conversations that it starts in the staff room. I love that people tell me they enjoy reading it. I suppose it’s almost some kind of egotistical self-affirmation, but then we all enjoy a bit of praise now and then, don’t we?

  • It’s time for me

Being a mum of two, a wife, a class teacher and an Assessment Leader, there is always something that needs to be done. The list never gets shorter. And so I rarely get time to do anything for me. Having a bath, doing my nails, reading a magazine: these are all guilty pleasures I rarely get to indulge in. But writing my blog, whilst it is something I am doing for my own personal gain, doesn’t feel like a guilty pleasure. It’s academic (in the sense that I am writing something, not in the intellectual sense!!) and it’s work related, so I don’t feel bad about taking time out from all of the other things I should be doing.

  • It’s the way forward

Take a look at your twitter feed. How many of us are doing it?

Enough said. Just have a go.


One thought on “Why blog? #28daysofteaching Day 8

  1. Thanks for sharing this, Hayley – am only just catching up with it! I like the idea of blogging being something you do ‘just for you’….

    Keep writing!


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