As another term draws to an end, you can probably spot a teacher from a mile off. They are the ones who, some time just after 3, would have had an enormous grin on their faces. They’re the ones who, a couple of hours later, probably had a glass of something cold and quite possibly alcoholic in their hands. And they’re the ones with the huge bags under their eyes. This term hasn’t been a particularly long one, and the next one is even shorter, but it doesn’t mean they are any less hard work. Long terms can drag on and seem endless, but short ones are disrupted and unsettled. I know people tease and moan about the number of school holidays, but we really do need them. So do the children. We’ve worked hard and we deserve it. And for most of us, half term is just a glorified weekend: a few extra days to catch up on the things we would normally do on a Saturday and a Sunday.

So, for those of you like me who came home tonight laden down with bags full of books, files and random bits of paper: give yourself a break. You know you’ve earned it.

Happy holidays.


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