Education is good for the soul. That goes for all of us: we all need to keep learning.

Today, I learned a new skill. I spent the day at a glass fusing workshop with Caroline Lambert: a wonderful, enthusiastic and knowledgeable craftswoman. What Caroline doesn’t know about glass clearly isn’t worth knowing. I’ve learned all about surface tension, stringers, metallic reactions with oxygen, how to cut glass in different ways, how to build up layers and use special paper to create indentations in the glass… the list goes on.

I have worked with Caroline before when she ran a fusing workshop for the staff at school, yet today, I still learned a huge amount more. I was incredibly proud of what I achieved today: some of my pieces may not have turned out exactly as planned, and I’ve yet to see how they come out of the kiln, but they were all my own work. I created something today that, a few hours ago, I wouldn’t have known how to make.

I got a real buzz from learning today: just ask MVNTH. It was all I talked about when I got home. As adults, we don’t get the opportunity to learn something new every day. But, when we can, we should. We should aim to feel that sense of pride whenever we can, that sense of achievement. Glass fusing isn’t something I will use in everyday life, but it’s a skill I can develop as a treat every now and then. Something to look forward to.

I’m already planning my next project.


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