Today is the day when I get to write the blog I have been waiting to write for a long time. Those of you who have read my blog before will have read about MVNTH (My Very Nearly Teacher Husband). Well today, he became one step closer to that “nearly”. After years of studying, today he officially got his first teaching job.

MVNTH’s path to teaching hasn’t been an easy one. It was never his first choice of career, but it is definitely the right one.

He first set foot in a school (as an adult, obviously!) over 6 years ago after being made redundant. He went to a local primary school as a volunteer to fill his time until he found a new job, but it was perfectly clear from day one that he was a natural. Initially employed as a TA, he loved being in school and soon decided that teaching was the career for him. Having a new baby, it was sadly never an option for him to go to university full time. So, he had to take the long route. He studied part time, worked as a TA during term time and even worked at a holiday club for a while to help support us. After a break from his studies for 12 months (when baby number 2 came along), he embarked on the journey that is Schools Direct. It has sometimes been stressful, especially when assignments and dissertations were due in, and financially, it has been tough. Having gone from being a well-paid Facilities Manager job to being a part time student and TA, as well as having two children along the way, has been difficult. But, one thing has been constant: his desire to teach. Anyone who has been in a room with MVNTH when he has been talking about his school and his children will know how much they mean to him. He doesn’t stop talking about them! His passion and enthusiasm for the job are obvious for all to hear (and usually at length… sorry darling!!!). I’ve never been in a classroom with him in charge, but I have taught whole class brass workshops with him (that was his induction into my world, a few weeks after we started going out together. A real baptism of fire!). I’ve taken him on a school trip with me and seen how he interacts with children he’s never met before. And I have parents of children he worked with at my holiday club asking after him, years after he stopped working there. There is no doubt that this man is a born teacher. He just didn’t realise it to begin with.

I see trainees of all kinds come through my classroom. Some will clearly make it. Others, sadly, won’t. MVNTH is most definitely the former. It takes a certain type of person to become a teacher, and he is clearly it. I’m not sure he would forgive me if my ramblings became too soppy with all of the internet free to read, but I am ridiculously proud of him. He’s had a few stumblings along the way which could have ground a weaker person down. Every time things have got tough, he’s dug his heels in (and he says I’m the stubborn one!) and carried on. Resilience is an admirable quality in a teacher, and he MVNTH has is in bucket loads. While his journey into education is just beginning, and he has much more to learn along the way, I know that any child will be lucky to have him as a teacher. You couldn’t ask for anyone more committed, enthusiastic or dedicated.

So, until September, when MVNTH becomes an NQT, he is now MVVNTH. Well done, darling, I’m proud of you xxx


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