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Reflections on the year

Image adapted from Pixabay using WordDream
Image adapted from Pixabay using WordDream

Dear Parents,

As the school year enters its final term, I have been busy writing reports and reflecting on the past few months.  I wanted to share with you the conclusion I have reached: we have had a blast this year.  30 reports full of positivity, celebrations of achievement and compliments on the kind, caring, thoughtful and funny children I have had the pleasure of spending my days with.

Of course, it hasn’t all been plain sailing.  I may have handed out a sanction or two for talking when they should have been listening, or saying something they shouldn’t have, or maybe for forgetting their PE kit or homework.  It’s not because I’m grumpy or unreasonable, but we have school rules in place, and I want your children to understand the importance of following them.  You see, of course I’m here to help them to become better readers, writers, mathematicians and scientists, but I’m also here to help them to become well rounded people with a respect for others and a regard for authority, just like you are.

Maybe we’ve talked this year about problems your child has had.  I hope that you feel we managed to sort them: I think, on the whole, I have a class of 30 really happy children.  I understand that your child is your number one priority: I have children of my own and know how fiercely protective I am of them. I know that you want your child to be happy in school and do well.  I want that for them too, for every single one of them.  But that’s the difficulty at times: there are 30 children whose wellbeing I am responsible for.  I am sorry if I didn’t try to resolve your problem in the way you wanted me to, but please do understand that everything I have done, every day of the year, has been in the best interests of all the children.  Seeing them grow and mature this year, I think we’ve done well.

I know that sometimes some of you have been worried that your child has been struggling.  I say again, everything I have done has been in the best interests of them all, individually and collectively.  I think you’d be surprised at how well I, and the other teachers, know your child.  We watch their every move in class, note what they can do and what they have found difficult.  Yes, we have challenged them, but your child, like the others, has risen to the challenge.  We’ve all been amazed at what they have achieved this year: you should be very proud. I know that sometimes, things have ben difficult, but I hope I’ve managed t put things in place to overcome obstacles for your child.

I will hold my hands up and admit that I haven’t got everything right this year: I’ve made mistakes, just like the children.  But every time, I’ve agonised over what I could have done differently: why did I say this? Why didn’t I do that? I’m still doing it now.  But, I can’t turn back the clock.  So please understand that a). I didn’t do any stupid things on purpose, and b). I’m human too.  I have poorly children and childcare issues and sleepless nights, just like you do.  I come into work tired some days, or with a headache, or just feeling a little bit jaded.  I’m not trying to defend my actions; I try to keep my head in the classroom when I’m at school, but sometimes, just sometimes, the mind wanders for a minute or two.  I’d like to think though, that on the whole, we’ve got it right.

I have loved spending time with your child this year.  I’ve been so lucky to have so many gorgeous personalities and great sense of humour.  I shall remember this year as having been one of fun and laughing.  I hope your child feels the same way too.  I know there are still seven weeks to go, but there is lots more fun and madness to come.  If your child leaves my class in seven weeks’ time smiling, having learned at least a few new things (although I hope they have learned a lot!) and with a love for school and learning, then my year has been a successful one.

Thank you again for entrusting me with your child.  I hope you are very proud.


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