Ofsted experiences of assessment – please help

I have written  many times before about the processes involved in designing a new assessment system to assess without levels.  The purpose of this blog is not to provide more information, but to hopefully gain it.

On the 4th July, I am presenting a session on overcoming problems with developing an assessment system at PedagooLondon15.  The main basis of my presentation is based on my own experiences, but I would love to hear how other schools have got on with assessing without levels.

I am very happy with the system we are using in school, but as yet, I have not developed any kind of measure of what “expected progress” looks like to aid target setting.  Maybe I won’t even do that.  Jamie Pembroke has discussed developing “Progress Pathways” over time to map out what progress looks like , if I feel that I need a progress measure.  I like this idea, and am happy to do this over the next 12 months and beyond, but my only concern is the dreaded “O” word – visit due next year.  I am perfectly happy to discuss and defend this decision with Ofsted: I am not prepared to set random, meaningless and possibly unrealistic targets for the sake of ticking a box, and I know I have the support of the SLT in this, but I hate to think that my decision could affect any judgement made on the school.

I would love to hear any experiences that schools have had this year with Ofsted, in particular with regard to progress measures against Age Related  Expectations.  I would be interested to hear your experiences in the following:

  • Did you roll out your assessment system across the whole school, or trial in one year group?
  • Have you developed your own progress measures?
  • Have you set ARE targets individually, and if so, what did you base these on?
  • Were Ofsted expecting to see specific targets for individual children?
  • Were there any aspects of your assessment systems that were particularly praised or criticised during your inspection.

I would really love to hear from you, whether primary or secondary.  Please either comment on the blog, tweet me, comment on my Facebook page or DM me for my email address.

Thank you in advance for your help!


One thought on “Ofsted experiences of assessment – please help

  1. I think we have to be realistic at the moment about the limitations of what we know.
    When we see performance descriptors and test benchmarks, etc., then we can begin to talk about meaningful targets *for the end of the Key Stage* for relevant children. Thereafter, it would be reasonable to make descriptive judgements about whether a child is “on track” to meet their relevant end-of-KS expectations, or whether additional support might be needed, or further challenge, etc.
    But all we can do at the moment is to track attainment against the criteria we have mustered. Any Ofsted team that come in at the moment would have to recognise that. You’d just do well to explain to them, in my opinion, where you are in the journey and what your intentions are as things become clearer.

    And if they’re any bother, get Sean Harford on their case 😉

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