A personal action plan

Image from Pixabay and modified using Word Dream
Image from Pixabay and modified using Word Dream

What next?

This year has been a really great one, with many, many highs and very few lows.  Even the lows have been good.

Initially, I had planned to write my reflections on the year, but it’s very hard to do so without going into lots of specific details.  So instead, I thought I would reflect on what I want to achieve as a result of this year.  I’ve never really done this before.  I’ve written action plans for subjects and as SENCo and Assessment Leader, but I have just drifted along before now.  If I want to progress my career, it’s time to set some targets.  So what are my aims for next year? Obviously, I want to continue to deliver good quality lessons and motivate and enthuse my children, that goes without saying.  But what to I want to achieve beyond the classroom? Perhaps by committing my thoughts  to paper (well, a computer screen!), I may feel obliged to stick with them.

So, next year, I want:

  • To further develop new initiatives in school, whether it’s Successful Learning, using the Learnpads (I WILL get everyone using them, even if it means they aren’t available for me as much!) or the new assessment system;
  • To begin (and, timescale permitting, complete) my NPQSL qualification, putting what I learn into practice in my current role;
  • To continue to develop my PLN on Twitter, engaging with more people and joining in with more debates and discussions;
  • To continue to develop support networks in “the real world” with local people who I can offer support to, and who can provide support for me;
  • To  make decisions about the future path of my career (see earlier blogs here and here about my dilemma!);
  • To further my knowledge of areas of interest – there is a huge amount of reading and research I would like to do about assessment, and I’d love to find out so much more about what I can do with Learnpads;
  • To reflect regularly on my practice through my blog, and to write more based on research and my readings rather than just personal experience.

IF the right opportunity arose, I would also like to present at another event like Pedagoo London, but I am not going to commit to this one definitely – I need to have something of value to talk about.  This year, assessment was a hot topic, but I don’t want to churn out the same presentation if the need is no longer there.  But, as I said, if the opportunity was right… Similarly, I would consider writing more articles for educational press, but again, only if the project was right for me.

I am sure, as soon as I publish this, that I will think of a huge list of other things I want to achieve, but for now, this is my action plan for 2015-2016.  It’s been incredibly useful to write this: it’s really focussed my mind and my intentions.  I’d encourage anyone who writes regularly to do the same.

This time next year, let’s see how many I’ve ticked off.


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