My #summer10

Image attained under CC0 License
Image attained under CC0 License
After reading Rachel Jones’s summer10 post today, I have decided to choose myself 10 things to achieve over the summer holidays.  It’s all too easy to let 6 weeks pass you by and then realise when it’s too late all the things I wanted to do.  So, after much deliberating and crossing out of items, here is my #summer10 (including only one school-based item – let’s get the balance right here!).

  1. (Get the school one out of the way first) Write a SPaG plan for the whole year. A boring job, but it will save many a late-Sunday night panic.
  2. Don my swimming costume, get in the paddling pool with the children and have a real life, full on, water bomb and water pistol-based water fight. Obviously on a very, very hot day!
  3. Vaguely related to the above, but buy a bikini. For foreign holiday use only (NOT for back garden use where the neighbours with the big balcony overlooking the canal can get an eyeful!). The last time I wore one was when I was on my honeymoon, very nearly 8 years ago. I may not have the perfect beach body, but no-one apart from the three gorgeous people I’m going with will know me, and they won’t mind whether I’m in a bikini or a potato sack! Although, to be fair, I’d probably get a bit sweaty in a potato sack.
  4. Make pasta. We gained a pasta maker a couple of years ago and have used it all of about 3 times. Our speciality so far seems to be butternut squash ravioli, but some serious pasta invention with the children is definitely on the cards.
  5. Sort the children’s bedrooms. Ok, a dull one, but definitely a necessary one. How do children get so much stuff?? Their bedrooms are overflowing, T has grown out of all of his toys, G will inherit them plus has a birthday soon. I’m guessing the 5a on this list may include “go to Ikea”. Which obviously includes 5b “buy meatballs”.
  6. MNQTH and I looking gorgeous, as ever.
    MNQTH and I looking gorgeous, as ever.
    Go on a date. MNQTH and I actually went on a night out together at the weekend, and it was brilliant. A nice meal, a stop off at a party and then a few(ish) drinks in the pub afterwards. We just don’t get to go out for the sake of it any more. But we will.
  7. Take T on a bike ride. He finally mastered cycling last year, but since then has only really pootled around the streets by our house. A proper bike ride with at least one of his parents on their bikes (both, if we can sort a bike seat for G!) is well overdue.
  8. Maybe even linked to 7: go for walks. There are lovely walks around where we live, and we have the Forest of Dean on our doorsteps. We should make the most of it.
  9. Read a book. I managed it recently (“I do not sleep” by Judy Finnegan – I really enjoyed it!) but I’m aiming to read at least one during the holiday. I might even be ambitious and take a few away with me. The Kindle will be fully loaded!
  10. Play the piano. I love my piano, but rarely play it. When the children are awake, my awful playing is made all the worse by some either very high or very low plinky-plonking of small hands. When the children are asleep, I can’t play for fear of waking them up. I’m going to choose one piece I love and crack it over the holidays: I’ll practise until the neighbours are sick. I’ve got a few ideas brewing already…, here I come!

Never mind the list, THIS is what my holiday is all about.
Never mind the list, THIS is what my holiday is all about.
None of these tasks are particularly big ones (well, except the bedroom sort outs… that may well turn out to be a mammoth task!), but all completely achievable.  Whatever happens during the next 6 weeks, I know I’ll have an amazing time with MNQTH and the children.  I’ll report back at the end of August with lots of ticks on my list.


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