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An age old dilemma…

Image from Pixabay under CC0 License
Image from Pixabay under CC0 License

Is it just me who has this dilemma?

To work, or to not work?

Summer holidays are for spending time with the family. Of course they are. That’s the main priority. I’ve made sure of that with my #summer10 list. But there is always the big stack of stuff that needs doing for school: tying up loose ends from last year, planning for next year, getting your head around a new class, INSET preparation… the list just seems to go on.

But when is the right time to do it? At the beginning of the holidays, I am always keen to get on and do it (no, I’m not being saracastic!), but equally, I’m ready for a break. This year, I have spent 2 evenings working (I’ve had a week off so far), which set the cogs whirring about everything else that needs to be done. I want to get on and do it, but equally, I begrudge doing it a little too. The problem is, I find, that if I do my planning at the start of the holidays, 2 issues arise. 1). By the time I go back to school, I’ve forgotten what I’ve planned, and 2). I always find more to do which then spreads further into the holiday.

So the obvious answer is to leave it to the end of the holidays, right? But then, it hangs over you for the whole 6 weeks. Who wants to spend the last few nights of their holiday working when they could be chilling out, drinking wine and making the most of the last few “lie-ins” (which aren’t what they used to be when you have two young children!)?

I pride myself on having got my term time work/life balance to a mostly manageable state (see my Guardian article here), but I’m not sure I’ve ever really cracked the summer holiday workload.

So, a week in, what’s the answer? To work, or not to work? That, still, is the question.


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