CPD, Observations

Letting go

typoramaOver the past 12 months, I have been on a well-documented roller coaster ride of assessment systems. From the despair of having no idea where to go, to the excitement of getting together with the White Horse Federation, to the trepidation of introducing our system to the staff, this has been my project. Along with my teaching partners, we have been in a little bubble of assessment, trying things out and adjusting where we went.

Of course, everything I did was in discussion with the SLT, but to a large extent, I made the decisions (subject to approval, of course!). Now, all of a sudden, my little bubble of 2 classes and 3 teachers has been opened up to everyone else. It’s suddenly open to the interpretation of others, open to criticism, and other people need to have a say in how it works. Suddenly, decisions have to be made by people other than me: how are we going to plan our maths to tie in with the band progression sheets? What strategies are we going to use to ensure we teach phonics and spelling correctly? I can have an opinion on these matters, but now, my assessment system needs to fit in with the ideas of others. My inner control freak is going mad.

Over the past year, anything that needed doing could be done at my own pace – as soon as I wanted a letter or a decision, I could write it or make it. Now, I have to consult with others and wait my turn… the control freak is twitching at the keyboard!

I think I have developed a great deal professionally over the last couple of years. I have learned to be organised, efficient and methodical. That’s easy to do when you only have your own timescale and workload to consider. Hence my control freak tendencies. This year, the challenge is on for me to be more laid back. I’m not particularly stressed, stressful or stressing; I do consider myself to be very laid back anyway. But now, I need to be a more “it’s ok, it can wait, I can do it tomorrow. Another 24 hours won’t hurt” kind of person.

That’s my challenge for the year: I’m going to let the control freak go!


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