Out of my comfort zone

FullSizeRender2Tomorrow sees the start of the next big challenge.

Before the summer, I asked my head if it would be ok for me to sign up for the NPQSL course. He said yes, so I did. Tomorrow is Day 1. I’m looking forward to it – I like to keep developing myself and learning new things. I’m not afraid of the extra work (although goodness knows where the extra hours are going to come from: I’m already up to my eyeballs as it is). I’m not that worried about not knowing anyone. But all of a sudden, I’m feeling a little out of my depth.

One of our pre-course tasks was to introduce ourselves on the LSSW forum. Being enthusiastic and keen, I signed up straight away and wrote my little spiel. First one on the forum. Teacher for 15 years, a multitude of roles including SENCO, Assessment Leader for a few years now and a new Phase Leader. I was quite proud of all I have achieved. Then, each day, others added their contributions. Deputy Heads of Primaries, members of SLTs, Heads of Year from big secondary schools: it seemed almost everyone had more experience than me.

I know that I am good at my job. I know what’s going on (mostly!) in the world of education and particularly assessment. I can read a graph or a table and unravel “performance information” (previously known as data) as well as the next person. But all of a sudden, I’m out of my comfort zone. We talk to our children at school about putting themselves in the Challenge Zone in order to progress. I’m well and truly in that zone… and bordering on entering the Panic Zone!

I know that, once I get to the station, meet up with my travel buddy and get chatting, I’ll be fine. I’ll get to meet lots of new people, find my feet and contribute plenty to the day. It will be a great experience.

But for now, I feel like the new girl starting her first day at Big School.


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