Nothing about education, school or children, just a way to acknowledge my wonderful husband. 

This week, with much trepidation on my part, we embarked on a family camping holiday. I didn’t want to go, but MNQTH said it would be a good idea. And it was. 

But today, only 2 days in, we got flooded out. We tried to suppress the puddles that kept appearing through the tent, we lifted everything off the ground, but still things got wet and the rain found a way back in. Through my tears and panic, I wanted to go home. So MNQTH grudgingly agreed. But with 2 young children (one of whom had taken to sitting on the floor in puddles), there was no way we could pack up our trailer tent mansion in the pouring rain. 

So we are nearing the end of a many hour, many mile round trip to take the children to their grandparents so we can go back to the mud pit to pack up. 

As we near the camp site, the sky is clear, the roads are dry and there is every likelihood that many of the puddles will have dried up too. But not once has MNQTH told me I was stupid, or that I over reacted.  He saw the state I was in and did what I needed him to do, even though, in reality, I ruined our holiday. 

Camping in October wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be. I was actually enjoying myself. And I truly am sorry. I don’t say it very often (as MNQTH is always very keen to point out!). 

So, as publicly as it possibly can be, here is my apology:

I’m sorry xxx


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