It is a truth universally known to those in education that sleep is a tricky thing. All day, all you can think of is crawling into bed to try and get rid of those huge bags under your eyes and hopefully get a small fraction of your allotted 40 winks. “Pah, sleep is for wimps!” I hear you say. “Man up and get on with it!”  In that case, I am a fully paid up member of the Wimp Club, because my goodness, do I ever need my sleep. Weekend lie-ins (courtesy of MNQTH) are greatly appreciated, but it’s getting to bed at a decent time that makes all the difference.  

 But of course, even on the tiredest (?) of days, it doesn’t happen. I lie here now, desperate for some sleep, with lesson plans, interventions, conversations and even blogs going through my head. In a desperate hope to empty my brain, I try writing notes, (silently) singing songs, and now writing this blog. 

Do we ever really switch off? Do we ever stop worrying about that child who, once again, won’t have proper PE kit so will have to shiver in shorts and t-shirt? Do we ever stop thinking of better and more fruitful ways of teaching a lesson? Do we ever stop mulling pointless things over in our heads? I don’t. I’m hopeless. That’s why I’m writing this now, in the hope that a formal Musing will get rid of all the rambling ones. 

If you have the secret to switching off, of forgetting and of getting a decent night’s sleep, please share it!



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