In the Autumn of the year 2000, I took the big step to begin this career called teaching.  All I’d ever wanted to do in life, it was a terrifying concept: nerves, excitement, trepidation, bewilderment, thrills and confusion.  Since that day, those emotions still reign supreme – every day a new surprise.  15 years on, the children may be different, but the trials and tribulations still baffle and challenge me.  I have had many different roles during my time in school, from Music, Science and DT Coordinator to SENCO, and now Assessment Leader.  As a Middle Leader, my thoughts now begin to turn to Senior Leadership, although I could never leave the classroom behind.

After swearing to ‘never marry a teacher’, I found my Facilities Manager fiancé materialised over the years into MVNTH (My Very Nearly Teacher Husband), who has almost completed his journey into qualifying as a primary teacher.  His experiences as a student often prompt my own musings.

This blog is my way of thinking out loud, of talking myself into some kind of organisation and of making sense of this crazy world of education. These are purely my thoughts and opinions: I hope never to cause offense but to perhaps provoke thoughts or even professional discussion.  Please do read, comment and perhaps follow me on Twitter to become a part of the conversation.


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